The SDG-based Business Modeling Game: PITCH!

Integrate an engaging and learner-centered business modeling experience

Hybrid-learning game

What are some of the main problems within communities and cities? Which solutions are already making a difference? How can you design viable and scalable business models that bring sustainable solutions to market?

Understanding not only the causes and consequences but also the existing potential solutions and business model options to some of our global challenges is essential to accelerate the transformation towards a more sustainable economy.

This is why our hybrid-learning business modeling game is designed to guide higher and executive education learners to understand the current sustainability challengs that we face, analyze how to recombine business model patterns to generate social, environmental, and economic value, and to create viable and scalable business models to bring sustainable solutions to market, using an active and adaptive learning approach.

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Plug-and-Play Solution

Through a gamified and collaborative learning approach, PITCH! is augmenting traditional learning practices with web-based learning delivery, in a way that improves learners’ support, engagement, and outcomes.

Order our PITCH! game cards for your company workshop or education program. The Cards include global challenges, inspiring solutions, and business model patterns, as well ass access to the game templates and a dedicated mentor bot per player.

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The goal of the game is to develop the best business model for a new sustainable solution that tackles a global problem. With an esimated duration of 80 minutes, teams of 3-4 players are guided and supported by a dedicated mentor bot througout the following three game rounds.

  • Problem-Solution Fit: Find the most adequate solution for a global problem.
  • Business Model: Design a viable and scalable business model for that solution.
  • Elevator Pitch: Prepare and deliver a 90-second pitch about the potential impact and business opportunity of the sustainable solution.


The primary learning focus is on Business Model Design, Business Model Innovation, and Business Model Patterns. The secondary learning focus is on the current global sustainability challenges and on how innovative solutions are tackling these challenges.


With this hybrid-learning game, we aim to inspire players to understand the role that they can play in tackling these global challenges and to empower them to take action by registering on Venturely to start developing their own sustainability projects, either as…

  • Intrapreneurs, rethinking their companies’ existing business models towards sustainability;
  • Entrepreneurs, developing viable and scalable impact ventures.

Open Innovation for Good

PITCH!’s mission is to provide a fun and pedagogical way of empowering anyone to build viable and scalable business models for sustainable solutions.

If you are launching, or have launched, a sustainable solution and would like to raise awareness for how this solution is mitigating a specific SDG-related problem, we are happy to include your solution in our next game edition!

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