If you are teaching business model innovation and design, you probably understand the importance of introducing business students to sustainability. The recent global community’s focus on pursuing the United Nations (UN) 2030 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) agenda provides a unique opportunity for higher education institutions to realize the triangle of sustainability education, research, and action.

With the aim of empowering players to become future leaders in furthering the UN 2030 SDGs agenda, we created PITCH!©, an SDG-based business modeling serious game in a hybrid-learning format that equips business educators (like ourselves) with an experiential, immersive, and learner-centered SDG-based business modeling experience that is easy to implement and quick to start.


Unlike most other business modeling games (i.e. hard to implement, standardized learning, and lack of a clear “play-learn-act” cycle), PITCH!© is a sandbox for designing viable and scalable business models for sustainable solutions, where players are guided through a research-based business modeling journey by a dedicated mentor bot that goes by the name of Smart Bot.

To start, Smart Bot introduces players to real-world problems, solutions, and business models, providing them with the opportunity to actively engage with them. Then, Smart Bot tailors players’ learning journey to answering each one’s specific questions and interests throughout the game. Finally, Smart Bot fosters critical thinking about business models, business model patterns, and the sustainable development goals, allowing players to make meaning of these concepts and to create their own knowledge. You can order your game cards today or download, print and cut them yourself!