Last week, the Business Model Design Lab was invited to present our award-winning platform Smart Business Modeler for The Lisbon MBA International Program. Smart Business Modeler is a business modeling and venture creation platform that is empowering entrepreneurs to translate their ideas into viable business models and executives to capitalize on the opportunities business model innovation offers in the context of sustainability and digitalization. The main goal of this session was to introduce the power of business model patterns in business model design and reconfiguration and to demonstrate how Smart Business Modeler is offering step-by-step guidance and leveraging technologically-enhanced tools to support anyone’s entrepreneurial dream.

“During your presentation, the enthusiasm for the use of the Smart Business Modeler was palpable. Congratulations on making such a wonderful product. The feedback is absolutely positive, and everyone is keen to see what you will come up next with.”

Leid Zejnilovic, Assistant Professor at NOVA SBE

The Lisbon MBA International

The Lisbon MBA International is a 1-year full-time joint program offered by CATÓLICA-LISBON and Nova SBE, with the collaboration of MIT. This program is framed in an international environment with a focus on interpersonal skills and career development. According to the Financial Times Global MBA Ranking 2015, this is the 36th best MBA in the world, the 13th Best in Europe, 2nd in “International Course Experience” and 3rd in “Value for Money”.

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