The Business Model Design Lab at Católica Lisbon School of Business and Economics is honored to be invited to present its unique hybrid learning business modeling game at the Reimagine Education Conference & Awards! From over 1500 applications, reviewed by 150 independent judges, PITCH!© is one of the finalists Hybrid Learning EduTech projects, augmenting traditional teaching and learning practices of Business Model Design, Innovation, and Sustainability through a web-based active, adaptive, and collaborative learning solution.

Moderated and guided by a mentor bot that challenges learners to design viable and scalable business models centered on the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals, PITCH!© aims to improve learning support, engagement, and performance on business model design, business model innovation, and business model patterns, while also raising awareness about the current sustainability challenges and the 2030 Sustainable Development Goal Agenda.

“Innovation is everywhere, but creating innovations that can scale and endure is much more difficult: it has been suggested that up to 90% of startups end up failing. Clearly, there is vast scope for what the Startup Genome Project has called an ‘Entrepreneurship Enlightenment’: a period, and a process, by which we become better at creating sustainable, highly-impactful startups.

To do so, entrepreneurs require the knowledge and competencies necessary to create feasible business models, and to effective execute those models. Recognizing the immense potential for transformation in a world where learners possessed the capabilities to incept, implement, and iterate successfully, the Reimagine Education Steering Committee found it very easy to shortlist the PITCH! project. It is evidently the result of immense expertise at the intersection of both business and pedagogy, leverages AI technology in highly innovative ways, and is truly a trailblazer in the field of business education. We have no doubt that more entrepreneurs will be nurtured, and more sustainable startups created, as a result of the Business Model Design Lab team’s work, and offer our warm congratulations on their success in our most-competitive year yet.”

– Jack Moran, Reimagine Education Program Manager


Reimagine Education

Reimagine Education is an international competition rewarding innovative initiatives aimed at enhancing student learning outcomes and employability with $50,000 and 17 ‘Oscars’ of Education. It culminates in a global conference for all those seeking to shape the future of education.

It was first launched in 2014, the joint brainchild of QS’s CEO Nunzio Quacquarelli and Jerry Wind, Lauder Professor at the Wharton School. They recognized that pedagogical innovation would be essential if educational institutions were to successfully incorporate technological advancements into their curricula in evidence-based ways. Thus, Nunzio Quacquarelli and Professor Jerry Wind created the Reimagine Education competition as a means by which educators would be encouraged to come forward and share best practices. The result is something far more than just a trade show – “it’s a forum that fosters an integrated, holistic understanding of the future of education.”